Seems To Be

an Avant-Garde film by Bady Minck
World Premiere: Berlinale 2008

Luxembourg / Austria 2008 // color // 8 min // 35mm


Based on Morton Feldman's "Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety", Seems To Be plays with the levels of optic and aural perception, with the deception of eyes and ears as well as the tension between two-dimensional reproduction and three-dimensional spatial recreation.

Accompanied by murmuring, the sound of scribbling and hummed snatches of music, the camera sweeps over a collection of materials on a desktop, seemingly reflecting a creative frenzy. Musical notes and memoranda, pads and pencils, patterns of various kinds, mixed with slips of paper, half-full Martini glasses, ashtrays, death's heads—then the picture swings around (the coffee cup along with it!) and an ensemble arranged according to musical instrument has been committed to paper. Constant movement, metamorphosis, variation and pleasant uncertainty: a concert hall? A movie theater?
The picture's square remains, becoming in the course of the switch a bright square within the picture: a projection screen with an ensemble in the form of a projection screen in front of the ensemble, which is suddenly no more than a shadow of itself. Madame Press is dead. The imagination lives on. At least that seems to be the case.
Christoph Huber

A meditation on the certainties of being and perceptual illusions, a circling search in time and space, and at the same time a trompe l'oeil; the spatial dimensions of Morton Feldman's steady, apparently timeless music are taken literally in the film: The sketched arrangement of a musical ensemble about to perform Feldman's composition fills with 'real' musicians caught in the paper's two-dimensionality, only to move to the spatiality of the Vienna Konzerthaus. But what is real here, what is a visual fake? Seems To Be dances on this platform of ambivalences, juxtaposing the metaphysics of a solid existential foundation and the agnostic skepticism of an abandonment of being marked by a visual chimera. Godless Feldman, merciless abyss! What we see is looking back at us.
Thomas Miessgang

Written & Directed by

Bady Minck


Morton Feldman


Klangforum Wien


Martin Putz, Eni Brandner


Frédéric Fichefet

Digital Postproduction

Eni Brandner


Morton Feldman, Beat Furrer und die Musiker des Klangforum Wiens

Line Producer

Alfie Lang-Král


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Bady Minck


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg, AMOUR FOU Vienna

Supported by

Film Fund Luxembourg, Innovative Film Austria, ORF, Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien


Sixpackfilm, Light Cone

Awards & Nominations

Best Short Finalist @ siCORTO International Film Festival, Cochabamba, Bolivia 2010


Arts&film Festival Prague, Czech Republic 2010
Linoleum Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art Moscow, Russia
Retrospective Bady Minck (11.12. - 13.12.2009)
Festival de Cine Internacional de Ourense Spain 2009
Brisbane International Film Festival Australia 2009
Hamburger Ostertöne Hamburg, Germany 2009
Stockholm Festival for Short Experimental Film 2009
BAFF Busto Arsizio Film Festival Italy 2009
MUSEEK Music Video Festival, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia 2008
Istanbul International Short Film Festival Turkey 2008
Tindirindis Int'l Animation Film Festival Vilnius, Lithuania 2008
BalkAnima Int'l Animated Film Festival Beograd, Serbia 2008
JIMFF Jecheon Int'l Music & Film Festival Seoul, South Korea 2008
Cadore Doc Film Festival, Pieve di Cadore, Italy 2008
IO Isabella International Film Week Maratea, Italy 2008
Animator International Film Festival Poznan, Poland 2008
Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film Graz, Austria 2008
Int'l Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh 2008
Berlinale Forum Expanded Germany 2008