The NOPOOR Diaries

A series of short films by Ina Ivanceanu

Austria // 2016 // 48min


Around the world, inequality is on the raise. The gap between the rich and poor is spiralling out of control. Extreme inequality causes a range of health and social problems. It keeps some families poor for generations, while others enjoy year after year of privilege. It fuels crime and even violent conflict. These consequences affect us all, but the impact is worst for the poorest people, living in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

At the same time, there is space for hope. The push to reach the Millenium Development Goals has been, to a certain extent, a success. If poverty is continously eradicated in the speed of the last years, extreme poverty could vanish from the face of earth by 2025. A dream of human kind is within our reach.

At the core of the NOPOOR diaries is an intense worldwide discussion: What can bring some real comfort to the lives of millions of people? Is it a matter of resources? Political will? The right framework? How will it all unfold in the future? And can science cross the border to the real world? Five years of research, four continents, one vision: The films accompany the research project NOPOOR in which over 100 researchers worldwide currently work on finding new ways to end extreme poverty in the world.

Written & Directed by

Ina Ivanceanu

Camera & Editing

Elke Groen


Julie McCarthy

Assistant Editor & Sound Editor

Philipp Bittner

Support Film Shootings Brussels & Mexico

Thomas Waldhäusl

Location Manager Mexico

Santiago Maza, support: Pedro Camacho Stern

Location Manager Ghana

Jacqueline Nsiah

Location Manager Vietnam

Thai Ngo Duy Minh

Support Film Shooting Oxford

Michael Anranter

Additional Footage

Harald Auer (India), Gerald Igor Hautzenberger (Border Images), FAO (Burundi)

Translations Spanish, Portuguese

Paulina Santos, subtitle control: Eduardo Alirio Arreaza

Translations Twi

Jacqueline Nsiah, Jolie Gbebleou-Sleem, subtitle control: Gifty Asare, Francis Asare

Translations Vietnamese

Trang Ngo

English Subtitles

Tim Sharp

Sound Studio

Sunshine Studios, Vienna / Georg Tomandl


Georg Flor, Julia Mott, Eni Brandner

Production Manager

Julie Metzdorff, Philipp Reimer

Production Consultant

Christian Müller

Post-Production Manager

Jonida Laci

Team Assistants AMOUR FOU

Anna Fekete, Beate Schalko


Claudia Stanetty, Ruth Eiselsberg

Founded by

European Union


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck, Heidi Dumreicher


AMOUR FOU Vienna in collaboration with Oikodrom