Dreams Rewired

a film by Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart & Thomas Tode
World Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015

Austria/Germany/UK 2015 // color // 85min


DREAMS REWIRED traces the desires and anxieties of today’s hyper-connected world back more than a hundred years, when telephone, film and television were new. As revolutionary then as contemporary social media is today, early electric media sparked a fervent utopianism in the public imagination – promising total communication, the annihilation of distance, and an end to war. But then - as now - there were fears over the erosion of privacy, security, morality. Using rare - and often unseen - archival material from nearly 200 films to articulate the present, DREAMS REWIRED reveals a history of hopes and betrayals.

Directed by

Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart & Thomas Tode

Narrated by

Tilda Swinton (English Version) & Dörte Lyssewski (German Version)

Narration written by

Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel


Siegfried Friedrich


Oliver Neumann


Hanna Nordholt & Fritz Steingrobe

Sound Design

Mukul Patel & Pierre Brand

Commissioning Editors

Nina Goslar & Ingrid Gränz

Line Producer

Alfie Lang-Král

Postproduction managers

Martin Repka, Linda Matern


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck




Linda Matern


Bildschön Filmproduktion & AMBIENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Supported by

Austrian Filminstitute, Fimstandort Austria, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Filmfonds Wien, Arts Council England

In collaboration with


US Distributors

Icarus Films

Distribution Austria

Austrian Distribution

Awards & Nominations

Nominated for the Silver Eye Award @ East Silver Market 2015
Nominated for the Austrian Jury Award @ This Human World 2015
German Documentary Music Award 2016 for Siegfried Friedrich
Best Documentary Feature Award @ Moscow International Documentary Film Festival 2016
Nomination for the Best Music for Siegfried Friedrich @ Austrian Film Awards
Der Papierene Gustl - Documentary @ Austrian Filmjournalists Prize 2016


International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 2015
Diagonale Graz, March 2015
International Women Film Festival Dortmund/Köln, April 2015
Film(Kunst)Fest Schwerin, May 2015
Seattle International Film Festival, May 2015
Jerusalem Film Festival, July 2015
Milano Film Festival, September 2015
Message to Men International Film Festival St. Petersburg, September/October2015
Filmfest Hamburg, October 2015
BendFilm Festival Oregon, October 2015
CPH:DOX - Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, November 2015
Vermont International Film Festival, October/November 2015
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, November 2015
Cine-City - Brighton Film Festival, November/December 2015
This Human World - International Human Rights Film Festival Vienna
December 2015
Cinema Verité - Iran International Documentary Film Festival Teheran, December 2015
Göteborg Film Festival, January/February 2016
Bosten Sci-Fi Film Festival, February 2016
Cinema Verde Film Festival Florida, February 2016
Sofia International Film Festival, March 2016
Green Mountain Film Festival Vermont, March 2016
Docs Against Gravity Film Festival Warsaw, May 2016
Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, May2016
Cinnamon Colomboscope Festival, August 2016
Milano Design Film Festival, October 2016
Jornadas de Reapropiación at Mexico City, November 2016
Tbilisi International Film Festival, December 2016
Film Museum Munich, January 2017
Tokyo Yebisu International Festival for Art, February 2017
Vilnius Documentary Film Festival, September 2017
Impakt Fetival, October 2017
Mami Mumbai Film Festival, October 2017
4 Elements Slovakia, February 2018
Jerusalem Design week, Israel - June 2018
Sunset Kino @ Salzburger Kunstverein, July - August 2018
Kunst in Bewegung. 100 Meisterwerke mit und durch Medien. Ein operationaler Kanon, July 2018 - February 2019