Bady Minck

was born in Luxembourg and works as an artist, filmmaker and film producer in Luxembourg and Vienna. The films she directed and produced have been invited to more than 900 international film festivals, including the festivals of Cannes, Berlin and Toronto. They have received numerous awards and special mentions, among them the 'Award for the Cinema of the Future' at Pesaro 2003 (for In the Beginning was the Eye). In 2009, Bady Minck was a member of the Orizzonti jury at the 66th Venice Film Festival. She is the co-founder and managing director of AMOUR FOU Luxembourg and a founding member and associate partner of AMOUR FOU Vienna. In 2013 Bady Minck co-produced Hannah Arendt, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and had more than 450,000 admissions in Germany and more than 300,000 Admissions in France.