Yes? Oui? Ja?

a Found Footage film by Thomas Draschan

Austria/Germany // 2002 // 4min


The starting material for this film was educational footage from East Germany with it's very reduced graphics and high redundancy. The music, a song by Michèle Polnareff called "La Poupée"- was chosen by Ulrich Wiesner and delivered in an English cover version on tape.
Soon after we had worked out the basic structure of the film: an alternation of redundant illustrations of the words of the song and abstract parts Ulrich Wiesner died and I had to finish the film alone, which gave the work a different direction.
Images of a dreaming woman suggest that the content of the film emerges from the unconscious. These images floating by can more easily be analysed in an emotional than a rational way. To achieve that I avoided to strict formal decisions, and also relied on decisions of the moment.

"Oh yeah, this decadently analog, hand-scratched totem of celluloid bin diving plays with our ideas of femininity, its power and pleasures. This ever-playful music film consistently surprises with its brisk and intelligent edits, gloriously saturated aquatic imagery, electric animation, and kitsch commerciality."

-- Cauleen Smith