320 Times: Break out in Spots

a music video by Doris Krane
World Premiere: Diagonale 2004

Austria 2004 // 4 min // Digital


Patches of colour created through reduction and abstraction deform and condense, then dissolve and move to the rythm of the music. What remains is the foundation of the original material: dance.

Idea / directed by

Doris Krane


Andrea Hundlinger, Roswitha Ohrfandl


Lali Puna '50FacesOff' from the Album 'Tridecoder'/Morr Music Berlin


Doris Krane, AMOUR FOU


Dissolvenze Film Festival Gradisca Sonderprogramm "Amour Fou Pour Vous" 30.11. - 4.12.2005
Europäische Kurzfilmbiennale Ludwigsburg, Deutschland. 2005
Videolisboa 5th International Video Festival in Lissabon, Portugal. 2005
Némo Festival 2005 in Paris
Netd@ys Festival 2004 in Salzburg
Diagonale Graz 2004 (Premiere)