Attwenger's Air

a music video for Attwenger by Bady Minck

Austria/Luxembourg // 1995 // 3 min


Austrias neo-folkloristic pop stars Attwenger are the heroes of this fast and funny animation film. The film combines Attwenger's real life heads with drawn bodies and animates the hair of singer Hans-Peter Falkner. The imagery changes in perfect synchronization to the staccato delivery of the music.

Written & Directed by

Bady Minck



Acting Musicians

Hans-Peter Falkner, Markus Binder


Eva Kern, Bady Minck, Rudolf Danielczyk

Cell-Drawings & Coloration

Sabine Groschup, Stefan Stratil

Design & Animation

Bady Minck

With the support of

bmbwk (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture) & ORF Innovationsfond


Erich Lackner, Lotus Film Vienna


Polyfilm Vienna


MUSEEK – Music Video Festival 2008 Rodina St Petersburg/ RUS
One Day Animation Festival 30.10.2008 Filmcasino Wien/A
Animator July 2008 Poznan/PL
Linoleum Festival of Alternative Animation 2007 Moscow/RUS
Festival Cinéfleuve - Kino im Fluss 2007 Liège/ B
Festival Cinéfleuve - Kino im Fluss 2007 Trier/D
Festival des Très Courts 2005 simultaneously in 26 cities/ 9 countrys
Directors Lounge 2006 Berlin/ D
Semaine de la critique Locarno 1996 /CH
Vues sur les docs Marseille 1996 /F
Max Ophüls Festival 1996 Saarbrücken /D
Lima 1996 /PE
Florenz 1996 /I
Son Ambiente 1996 Berlin/D
Diagonale 1995 Salzburg /A
Hofer Filmtage 1995 Hof /D