a film by Angela Christlieb
World Premiere: Berlinale Panorama 2013

Luxembourg/Germany 2013 // color // 85min


“Naked Opera” tells the story of a man with many faces. Marc is talented, intelligent, eloquent and wealthy but has suffered from an incurable illness from childhood. He considers himself to be a kind of Don Giovanni from Luxembourg and is permanently on the lookout for the perfect staging for his life and the perfect production of his favourite opera. Each weekend he escapes his everyday haute bourgeois life by travelling the world in search of the ultimate “Don Giovanni” performance. Marc surrounds himself with beautiful young men, stays at the best hotels in the world, and enjoys the pleasures of decadence.

Director Angela Christlieb accompanies Marc on a journey from Luxembourg to Venice during which Marc falls in love with a young porno actor. In “Naked Opera” she succeeds in making a confrontational as well as intimate portrait of a tragic and fascinating person. “Naked Opera” is visually impressive — a film immersed in both a brilliant intellect and a hedonistic universe.

Directed by

Angela Christlieb

Written by

Patricia Fürst & Philipp Reimer


Philipp Reimer

Scenario Adaptation

Angela Christlieb & Bady Minck


Jerzy Palacz


Pia Dumont


Rainer Viltz


André Mergenthaler


Marc Rollinger, Jordan Fox, Nilton Martins, Marc Clément

Executive Producer

Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu


Bettina Brokemper


Bady Minck


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg


Heimat Film

With the support of

Film Fund Luxembourg, FFA Deutschland


Autlook Film Sales

Awards & Nominations

Heiner-Carow-Award Berlinale
Press Jury Award at Message to Man Film Festival St. Petersburg



Berlinale Panorama 2013, Berlin, Germany
Discovery Zone Film Festival 2013, Luxembourg
Hot Docs Toronto 2013, Canada
DocAviv 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kino pod Baranami Kraków, Poland
Planet+ Doc Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland
Out Takes 2013, New Zealand
Schwule Filmtage 2013, Bielefeld, Germany
Transilvania International Film Festival 2013, Cluj, Romania
Portland Queer Doc, San Francisco, USA
Gaymat Festival 2013, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Galway Film Fleadh Festival 2013, Ireland
Lubskie Lato Filmowe, Poland 2013
Fünf Seeen Festival 2013, Starnberg, Germany
Quebec City Film Festival 2013, Montreal, Canada
Vilnius Documentary Film Festival 2013, Lithuania
Message to Man International Film Festival Saint-Petersburg 2013, Russia
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013, Iceland
Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2013, Germany
German Film Festival 2013, Goethe Institut, Singapore
Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade Sao Paulo 2013, Brazil
Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade Rio de Janeiro 2013, Brazil
Festival des deutschsprachigen Films 2014, Lissabon, Portugal
DocPoint Helsinki 2014, Finland
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2014, Greece
My Sound Of Music Salzburg 2014, Austria
International Documentary Encounter of Bogotá 2014, Colombia
In-Edit International Film Festival Barcelona
F.A.M.E. Film & Music Experience Paris, France
Cork International Film Festival
About Love Among Others, Festival of films about sexual minorities
Annual European Union Film Festival Chicago, USA
Corona Cork International Film Festival,
DOCAVIV - TelAviv International Documentary Film Festival , Israel
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
IN-EDIT FESTIVAL Sao Paulo & Salvador de Bahia (music)