ICEMAN - der Mann aus dem Eis

a film by Felix Randau
Worldpremiere: Locarno Festival 2017

Germany/Italy/Austria // 2017 // 93 min // color


5000 years ago: A man lives with his woman and their children in the Ötztals Alps. He has to leave his family in order to hunt and provide the necessary food to survive. But when he comes back to the hut, he finds his family murdered, the shed burned down and the holy amulet stolen.

Full of rage, he decides to challenge the freezing mountains to find the killer of his family. Surrounded only by ice, he marches on for days, crying out for revenge. But the moment he bumps into his enemy, instead of rage and revenge, he feels an unexpected sense of compassion.

The (possible) history of Ötzi, the Ice-man.

Written & directed by

Felix Randau

Cinematography by

Jakub Bejnarowicz

Music by

Beat Solèr


Urs Franzen


Vessela Martschewski

Production Design

Juliane Friedrich

Make-up & Hair Design

Heike Merker

Costume Design

Cinzia Cioffi


Emrah Ertem

Production Manager

Peter Hermann

Sound Mixer

Marc Parisotto


Thomas Neumann

Recording Mixer

Gregor Bonse

Commissioning Editors

Burkhard Altoff (ZDF), Olaf Grunert (ZDF/Arte), Andreas Schreitmüller (Arte), Marcus Ammon (Sky), Heinrich Mis (ORF)

Executive producer

Andreas Eicher, Melanie Möglich, Oliver Rihs


Maja Wieser Benedetti, Andreas Pichler, Oliver Schündler, Boris Ausserer, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck


Jan Krüger


Jürgen Vogel, Susanne Wuest, André M. Hennicke, Sabin Tambrea, Martin Augustin Schneider, Violetta Schurawlow, Anna F, Axel Stein, Paula Renzler and Franco Nero

Supported by

IDM, Italian Tax Credit, FFF, MBB, DFFF, FFA, BKM, FISA, Carinthia Film Commission

In collaboration with

ZDF / ARTE / SKY / ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation


Port-au-Prince Film, Echo Film, Lucky Bird Pictures, AMOUR FOU Vienna


Beta Cinema

Distribution Germany


Distribution Austria


Distribution Switzerland

Ascot Elite

Awards & Nominations

Nominierung Bestes Maskenbild Deutscher Filmpreis 2018
Nominierung Beste Tongestaltung Deutscher Filmpreis 2018


Locarno Festival, August 2017
Film Festival Hamburg, Oktober 2017
Black Nights Film Festival, November 2017
Kolkata International Film Festival, November 2017
Diagonale Festival des österreichischen Films, März 2018

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