a film by Goran Rebić


Vienna, 1944.
Together with Pastor Rieger, who she met in Prison, Eva, the secretary of the evangelic church, organises Walter's hiding - a frequent visitor to the Bible studies who has been exposed as a Jew to the Gestapo.
Little by little they get to know each other by telling each other stories from the past. Eva, the burning human rights activist, and Walter, the shy dancer, inevitably fall in love. Out of this rapprochement grows the temptation to break the rules established for their safety in order to enjoy a little happiness and forbidden freedom.
Meanwhile, the Red Army approaches Vienna. The war is drawing to a close, the German Reich is almost defeated. But the fate of the new couple strikes again when Eva finally receives news of her family, whom she has not seen in 22 years.

Directed by

Goran Rebić

Written by

Ljuba Arnautović, Goran Rebić, based on the novel "Im Verborgenen" by Ljuba Arnautović


Elisabeth Gabriel


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck


Amour Fou Vienna

Supported by

Austrian Film Institute, Creative Europe MEDIA