Girls and Cars - in a Colored New World

a film by Thomas Woschitz
World Premiere: Cannes 2004 - Semaine de la Critique

Austria/Canada // 2004 // 30 min


The journey passes through remote rural areas, past gas stations and motels, bathed in faded colors by the camera and accompanied by a melancholy soundtrack. It is all reminiscent of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”: many of the protagonists’ actions are mysterious and situations lead to curious ends, which the Josefs always accept with equanimity. Like true Wild West heroes they are not overly talkative. The dialogs are sparse and precise, delivered drily and in dialect by the ideally matched actors.
Thomas Woschitz sent his characters on a crazy road movie with off-the-wall humor and a surprise ending. It is a real pleasure to watch the four Josefs on their travels, which have some tricky curves and unexpected detours in store.

Written & directed by

Thomas Woschitz


Arnaldo Catinari, Arthur Cooper


Thomas Woschitz, Johannes Nakajima


Thomas Herzog, Oliver Jerney, Joe Knauer, Benito Amaro


Gerhard Fresacher, Hermann Riessner


Cinzia Cioffi, Markus Kuscher, Michaela Haag


Oliver Welter, Stefan Deisenberger

Supported by

BKA.Kunst, ORF, Land Kärnten


Gabriele Kranzelbinder, AMOUR FOU Vienna

Awards & Nominations

Beste Maske, Bestes Kostüm, Bestes Szenenbild @ Österreichischer Filmpreis
Beste Tongestaltung, Bestes Szenenbild @ Diagonale Preis


Toronto International Film Festival Toronto, Kanada, 2018
San Sebastian International Film Festival San Sebastián, Spanien, 2018
Haifa International Film Festival Haifa, Israel, 2018
Zürich Film Festival Zürich, Schweiz, 2018
Busan International Film Festival Busan, Süd Korea, 2018
Bfi London Film Festival London, England, 2018
Viennale Wien, Österreich, 2018
Thessaloniki Film Festival Thessaloniki, Griechenland, 2018
Torino Film Festival Turin, Italien, 2018
Singapore International Filmfestival, Singapur, Singapur, 2018
Festival International Du Film De Marrakech Marrakech, Marokko, 2018
Washington Film Festival Washington, Usa, 2018
Luxembourg City Film Festival Luxemburg, Luxemburg, 2019
Lisbon International Film Festival Lissabon, Portugal, 2019
Göteborg Film Festival Göteborg, Schweden, 2019
Dublin International Film Festival Dublin, Irland 2019
Hongkong International Film Festival Hongkong, China, 2019
Prague Independendent Film Festival Prag, Tschechien, 2019
Vilnius International Film Festival Vilnius, Litauen, 2019
New York Film Festival New York, Usa, 2019
Zagreb Jewish Film Festival Zagreb, Kroatien, 2019
Espoo Cinè International Film Festival Espoo, Finnland, 2019
Espoo cinè international film festival espoo, finnland, 2019
Filmfest München, Deutschland, 2019