a film by Bady Minck
Premiere: Kunsthalle Wien on National Day 2000

Austria // 2000 // 5 min


A political film installation project made up of three different speeches, each five minutes long (one of them with English subtitles), as well as three different online-versions of the speeches, each one minute long.

Concept & Direction

Bady Minck

Speech by

Prof. Dr. Burghart Schmidt as President of the Electric Republic


Martin Putz

Line Producer

Virgil Widrich


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu

International Distribution

Sixpack Film


Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film Graz/A, 2001
Award for Innovative Cinema for "The Art of the day is Resistance"


Short Film Festival, Brest/F, November 2001
Festival Résistances, Foix/F, July 2001
Fusion Festival, Berlin/D, June 2001
Batofar cherche Vienne Festival, Paris/F, June 2001
Festival de Cannes, Journée Autrichienne, Cannes/F, May 2001
Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, Graz/A, March 2001