1313- Dante's Emperor

a film by Bady Minck



After 700 years Henri VII of Luxembourg, Holy Roman Emperor, returns to this life in order to find out what remains of his family, his empire and his dream of an ideal society. To master the journey to the numerous territories of his Empire, he uses underground canals and tunnels. While in this parallel world consisting of corridors, caves and rivers he meets an old acquaintance, Dante Alighieri, who glorified and immortalised Henri in his ‘Divine Comedy’ 700 years ago. Dante is still occupied with researching the inferno, purgatory and paradise though now with the aid of advanced computer technology.

Directed by

Bady Minck

Written by

Bady Minck & Guig Jost

Development supported by

Film Fund Luxembourg, Media Creative Europe, Sources 2.


Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu.