a film by Elke Groen, Ina Ivanceanu
World Premiere: Visions du Réel, Nyon 2005, Compétition Internationale

Luxembourg / Austria 2005 // 75min // 35mm


Bunica lives in Romania.
Bunica is 89-year-old Ana Ionescu, the grandmother of one of the film's directors. The interesting story of her life centres around a century full of changes and upheavals. Her experiences, her memories and her social networks lead the viewer to other people, other lives, other realities. In the film Bunica they tell their stories, describe their dreams and look into the future.

How Ceaucescu's executor became vice prime minister overnight, why the scrap iron collectors in the streets of Bucharest are angry, what took a young Romanian to Alaska, whether or not politics and justice are compatible and what the old lady thinks about it all: that is what Bunica is about.

Bunica is a trip through the Romania of yesterday and today - a trip through social and political landscapes full of contradictions, from the pulsating capital city of Bucharest to the rural periphery. Supported by archive material, the film portrays, from a personal point of view, a country that is still looking for its place in Europe 15 years after the revolution.

Written & directed by

Elke Groen, Ina Ivanceanu


Elke Groen


Rosana Saavedra, Elke Groen


Philippe Kohn, Elisabeth Reeh


Alexander Binder, Michael Gartner, Elke Groen, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck


meter film Wien, AMOUR FOU Luxembourg

Supported by

BKA, Land Oberösterreich, Stadt Wien, Filmfund Luxembourg


Visions du Réel, Nyon 2005, Switzerland
International Festival of Tourism 2005, Karlovy Vary
EU-XXL Filmfestival 2005, Vienna & Krems, Austria
Thessaloniki Doc Film Festival 2006, Greece
Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film 2006, Graz, Austria
Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2006, Linz, Austria
Semaines du Documentaire Franco-Roumain 2008, Bucarest, Rumania