And then you

a short film by Kim Schneider
World Premiere: Luxembourg City Film Festival 2018

Luxembourg 2018 // 16 min


AND THEN YOU is a playfully dreamy love story in a world in which the interior is turned outward. Feelings and characteristics find a visual form: flowers come to life, love sets fire and falling blossoms of a tree embody a sea of losses.

In this cosmos Sasha and Finn fall for each other. Sasha who can bring life is magically attracted by Finns wild fire, that can destroy life. Finn again is enchanted by Sashas vitality. In the course of the relationship Sasha realises that Finns fire threatens to destroy not only flowers but also Sasha's ability to bring life. It begins a struggle between flowers and fire; between the first fire of a young love and the fear of losing one's own personality.

Written & Directed by

Kim Schneider


Serge Benassutti

Production Design

Christina Schaffer

Costume Design

Melanie Planchard

Make Up Artist

Julie Asselborn


Bianca J. Montobbio

1st Assistant Director

Yasin Özen

2nd Assistant Director

Laura Lux

Sound Engineer

Yves Bemelmans


Marc Recchia

SFX Supervisor

Ken Fitzke


Claude Kongs, Espera Film

Picture Postproduction

Raoul Nadalet

Sound Postproduction

Philippe Kohn



Production Manager

Karoline Maes

Production Supervisor

Hélène Walland

Line Producer

André Fetzer


Jill Devresse, Dario Cavallaro, Felix Adams


Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg

Supported by

Film Fund Luxembourg


Luxembourg City Film Festival 2018