a film written by Tullio Forgiarini



17-year old Mona, a stubborn girl with a traumatic childhood, is literally saved from the grave at her own funeral by Varak, a disillusioned guard, and a by dull nameless Creature. They take her to the Centre, where suicides and murderers become creatures doomed to torment by their victims who are their guards. Mona rebels and manages to escape. Varak and the Creature are summoned to bring her back. But the hunters, convinced of Mona’s innocence, will switch sides. On their journey back to real life they rediscover a beautiful and dangerous place but one where they don’t fit in any more. Each member of the trio has to face their own demons so as to eventually redeem themselves. Maybe life is worth living after all, even if there is nothing better than life to live?

Written by

Tullio Forgiarini

Script Advisor

Elodie Malanda, Miguel Machalski, Louise Gough.

Development supported by

Film Fund Luxembourg, Media Creative Europe, Sources 2.


Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg