Women as Lovers

a film by Koxi



The “Women as Lovers” are Sabine and Paula, two women bound by nothing but their pursuit for happiness. Paula (17) lives in the countryside while Sabine (33) is a girl from the city. They both dream and talk about finding happiness, a comfortable job and a good man. They realise that their task will be as hard as their current jobs. Sabine works as a hostess at the International Trade Fair, where she uses her body as a tool. Paula wants to become a famous actress one day and tries very hard to achieve this. Sabine subordinates her feelings and goes after Michael (33), a businessman with an ambitious career. They get married in the end and have kids. With Paula, reality and dreams become confused. Paula gets pregnant by accident from Eric (19), a very handsome no-hoper from her village. Paula gets it all wrong, while Sabine gets it right.

Directed by



Koxi (based on the novel of the same title by Elfriede Jelinek)

Script Consulting

Elodie Malanda, Gustav Ernst

Developpement Supported by

Media, Sources 2, Film Fund Luxembourg


Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg