Documentary / Österreich / 2004 / 70 min / Digital / Englisch 

World Premiere: Diagonale 2004 

:: Synopsis

Things. Places. Years. shows the impact of forced emigration and the Holocaust in the lives of three generations of women in London. The film also focuses on their work. Nearly all of the twelve women featured in the film found their occupations in the cultural field. Most have a Jewish background. However, it is difficult to define what these women have in common. Is it their Jewishness or their interest in art and culture? Or is it how they confront the past? 

:: Credits

Concept / directed by Klub Zwei, Simone Bader, Jo Schmeiser
Camera Anita Maris, Daniel Pöhacker, Rainer Egger
Editing Maria Arlamovsky, Dieter Pichler
Music Zenzile und Jamika Ajalon
Producers Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Supported by Innovative Film Austria, Stadt Wien, Otto Maurer Stiftung
Sales Autlook Filmsales

:: Festivals

Dissolvenze Film Festival Gradisca Sonderprogramm "Amour Fou Pour Vous" 30.11. - 4.12.2005

20. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München 6-14.5.2005

Diagonale 2004

Leeds International Film Festival, 17.10.-7.11.2004

Jüdische Filmwoche Wien 2004