Science-Docu-Fiction / Luxembourg / Austria 2017 / color / 45 min 


World Premiere:  SUNDANCE Film Festival 2017

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:: Synopsis

Through the eyes of cosmic cartographers, MappaMundi takes its viewer on a greatly accelerated voyage through 950 million years of development on Earth, 150.000 years of human migration and 15.000 years of human cartography. The film visualises the continuous changes taking place in our world, change that is imperceptible over a single human lifetime.


MappaMundi is a film about the image of the world that we have repeatedly re-drawn for thousands of years. With over hundred world maps from the past 15.000 years, the development of our view of the world from its beginnings to the present day is analysed and illustrated in all its diversity.

:: Credits

Written & directed by Bady Minck

Cosmic cartographers Ganaël Dumreicher, Roxanne Oberlé, Robin Oberlé

Cosmic Cartographers Georgy Haselböck / Chakrabreaker, Ivory Parker, Lilly Janoska
The Earth Adele Neuhauser, Maria Bill
Wikispeaks Alexander Tschernek
Beatboxing Ivory Parker, Georgy Haselböck / Chakrabreaker

Whispering Voices Walid Abushady, Ruth Beckermann, Tamara Chavez, Pia Dumont, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Ganaël Dumreicher, Heidi Dumreicher, Thomas Eichhorn, Maribel Garcia, Joachim Losehand, Julie McCarthy, Igor

Metzeltin, Bady Minck, Christian Müller, Lili Ni, Miguel Nunes, Martin Repka, Peter Stastny, Shuang Tang, Alessandra Tirendi, Hugo Vieira da Silva, Carla Zamora

Editing & Sound Design Frédéric Fichefet
Additional Editing & Sound design Pia Dumont
Editing Assistant Philipp Bittner
Additional Sound Design Angelo dos Santos
Additional Layout Editing Elke Groen
Re-recording Mixer Michel Schillings

Original Score Siegfried Friedrich, David Furrer, André Mergenthaler
Special Appearance Vocal Sainkho Namtchylak

Cinematography Martin Putz
Camera Assistant Serge Benasutti
Electrician Vitalijus Kiselius

Production Design Christina Schaffer
Production design first assistant Sylvia Kasel
Production design assistant Colleen Blake
Props Manu Poupard
Space ship construction Anni Schaffer
Carpenter Luc Ridremont
Costume Designer Uli Simon
Make-up Béatrice Stephany

Consultants Homer, Eratosthenes, Abu ibn al Idrisi, Yi Hoe, Kwon Kun, Macrobius, Fra Mauro, Martin Waldseemueller
Script consulting Franz Rodenkirchen, Jutta Wernicke
Dialogue consulting Eric Collins, Gustav Ernst, Élodie Malanda
Chinese transcriptions Marie-Pierre Duhamel, Marco Mueller
Cartography consulting Univ-Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kretschmer
Scientific Consulting Dr. Heidi Dumreicher, Univ-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kainz, Univ-Prof. Dr. Michael Wagreich, Univ-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weber
Scientific Research Daniela Praher, Maria Poell, Herbert Schnepf, Fritz Hock
World map database Lorenz Brandner

Map drawing & storyboarding Stefan Stratil
Map coloring Susanne Legerer, Thorsten Hoffmann
Claymation Olivier Pesch
Animatic Eni Brandner
Animation Artists 2D/3D Nikola Tasic, Julia Mott, Iby Jolande Varga, Reinhold Bidner, Franz Schubert
Additional animation artists 2D/3D Michael della Giustina, Stefan Köpke
Digital model makers Michael Merkatz, Josef Just
Animation assistants 2D/3D Surya Weihreter, Alexander Gutmann, Christoph Öhler, Darko Vidackovic
Digital Compositing Salil Kolamkanny, Lilo Moser, Moritz Palnsdorfer

Vocals Albena Evtimova, Ruth Buchli, Siegfried Friedrich, Marlene Umlauft
Double Bass & Basso Scordato Daniel Sailer
Percussion Peter Seher
Theremin David Furrer
Gongs & Cymbals Peter Conradin Zumthor
Additionnal sound engineering Roumen Dimitrov

Re-recording mixing studio Philophon Studios Luxembourg
ADR recording Georg Tomandl, Jerel Bromley
ADR recording coordination Carla Zamora
ADR recording studio Sunshine Mastering Vienna, Outpost Studios San Francisco
Sound editing suites Cosmix Studios Wien, Philophon Studios Luxembourg
Digital colorist Kurt Hennrich
Title Design Karl Ulbl
Digital lab Synchro Film, Listo Wien
Still photographers Patrick Müller, Luc Ewen
Translations Tim Sharp

Line producer Jean-Laurent Csinidis, André Fetzer
Unit manager Philipp Reimer
Production assistants Regina Breitfellner, Asli Ciyow, Linda Dahlem, Thoma Forgiarini, Olivia Guérin, Lisa Hasenhütl, Jonida Laci, Sophie Kirchschlager, Vera Kornmeier, Karoline Maes, Mareike Rückert, Beate Schalko, Mélanie

Schons, Cornelia Selch, Laura Steffen, Carolina Steinbrecher, Hélène Walland, Astrid Wolfig
Trainees Denys Baldelli, Damien Lemaître

Assistants to the producers Laura Ettel, Julie Metzdorff, Christian Müller
Post production Martin Repka, Paul Schön, Marie Lesage
Technical consultant Martin Reinhart
Technical support Marcus Gotzmann, Ernst Miesgang

Production administrator Evelyne Schweitzer
Controlling Claudia Stanetty
Accountants Désirée Thilgen, Sara Übleis, Jacqueline Wild
Tax advisors Pablo Sanchez (Luxconcept), Petra Egger (Steirer. Mika & Comp.)
Financing Marc Meyers, Philippe Weisen (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg)
Auditor Marco Claude, Grant Thornton Lux-Audit
Legal advisors Alfred Noll, Laure Stachnik
Insurance Media Assurances
Attaché de presse Valentin Badura

Maps provided by Austrian National Library, British Museum, British Library, CIA, ESA, French National Library, Jim Siebold, Library Of Congress, Max Planck Institute, Mercator Edition, Museum Ebstorf, Nasa, University Of Bern Library

Realised in cooperation with the Austrian research project „Cultural Landscapes" and the Austrian National Library

johanna Rachinger, Director, Jan Mokre, Head of Map Department and Globe Museum

Produced by Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck, Heidi Dumreicher

Supported by Film Fund Luxembourg, Ministry of Science & Research Austria, Innovative Film Austria, ORF Fernsehabkommen, Ministry of Life Austria, Wien Kultur

Produced by AMOUR FOU Luxembourg
In coproduction with AMOUR FOU Vienna, Oikodrom


:: Awards & Nominations

Letzebuerger Filmpräis 2018 - Luxemburg
* Nominated for Best Documentary

TwoDays AnimationFilmFestival Vienna 2017 - Austria
* Asifa Award for Best Sound & Music  

Docs Against Gravity Film Festival Warsaw 2017 - Poland
* Nominated for the Fiction/NonFiction Award

Sundance Film Festival 2017 - USA
* Nominated for the International Fiction Award

:: Festivals

 SUNDANCE Film Festival - U.S.A.
* Nominated for the International Fiction Award
19.01. - 29.01.2017
World Premiere

Luxembourg City Film Festival - Luxembourg
02.03. - 12.03.2017

Vilnius Film Festival - Lithuania
23.03. - 06.04.2017

Diagonale Film Festival Graz - Austria
28.03. - 02.04.2017

Docs Against Gravity Film Festival Warsaw - Poland
* Retrospective Bady Minck & Masterclass
* Nominated for the Fiction/NonFiction Award
12.05. - 22.05.2017

DotDotDot Open Air Film Festival Vienna - Austria
* Retrospective Bady Minck
04.07. - 01.09.2017

Linoleum Animation Film Festival Kiew - Ukraine
* Retrospective Bady Minck, Masterclass & Jury-President
27.09. – 01.10.2017

TwoDays AnimationFilmFestival Vienna - Austria
* Asifa Award for Best Sound & Music for MappaMundi
22. - 23.11.2017

Filmshow Greater Region Saarbruecken - Germany
* Retrospective Bady Minck
08.11. - 16.12.2017

K3 Film Festival  Villach / Udine / Ljubljana 2017
13. - 17.12.2017

Sunset Kino @ Salzburger Kunstverein - Austria
Earthly Mutations. Films from the near Future
July - August 2018