Documentary / Luxembourg/Austria / 58 min

Worldpremiere: Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz 2015

:: Synopsis


FREE SPACES, based on the SPACES project,  shows a new image of four major Eastern European cities. Ina Ivanceanu followed artists and activists who try to regain their right to the city and their freedom of expression with wit and creativity. A cinema gets occupied, an old Soviet circus reactivated, a gloomy underground passage transformed into an ironic but glamorous arena and a factory site converted into a cultural Agora. The film shows that conditions are similar in Tbilisi (Georgia), Yerevan (Armenia), Chisinau (Moldova) - and in Kiev (Ukraine), where civil society revolts, led by artists. All actions and projects reclaim public space in artistic and innovative ways.

:: Credits

A film by Ina Ivanceanu
Camera Vahe Budumyan & Tatia Skhirtladze
Editing Elke Groen & Tatia Skhirtladze
Production Manager Philipp Reimer
Producers Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Production AMOUR FOU Luxembourg in collaboration with Oikodrom
With the support of EuroEast Culture/Europäische Kommission

:: Awards & Nominations


Award for best Documentary @ ArchFilmLund FilmFestival, June 2015 – Sweden

:: Festivals

Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, April 2015 - Austria

Konsum(frei) am Donaukanal, May 2015 - Austria

Woman of Cinema, June 2015 @ A4_Association for Contemporary Culture - Slowakei

Cinemathèque Hanoi, July 2015 - Vietnam

DocLab Hanoi, July 2015 - Vietnam

ArchFilm - Lund International Architecture Film Festival, September 2015 - Sweden

Pixelache Festival, September  2015 - Finland

Architecture Film Festival Lissabon, October 2015 - Portugal

Art Unanchored Festival, October 2015 - Austria/Slowakia

CinEast Film Festival Luxembourg, October/November 2015 - Luxembourg

FilmFestival Cottbus, November 2015 - Festival des Osteuropäischen Films - Germany

Budapest Architecture Film Days, March 2016 - Hungary

Festival on Festival, April 2016 - La Triennale di Milano Filmfestival- Italy

Ethnocineca, Mai 2016 - International Documentary Film Festival Vienna - Austria

CycleCinemaClub Screening, June 2016 - Vienna - Austria

Open House Lissabon, July 2016 - Portugal

Sevastopol Documentary Festival, September 2016 - Russia

Cinetekton! International Archite<input type="image" name="_savedok" class="c-inputButton" src="" title="Dokument speichern" />cture Film Festival, September - October 2016 - Puebla - Mexico

Milano Design Film Festival, October 2016 - Italy

Altonale, June 2017 - Germany

Budapest Architecture Film Days, July 2018 - Hungary