Film installation / Austria / 2002 / 60min

World premiere: Kunsthalle Wien 2002

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:: Synopsis


The avant-garde filmmaker Martin Arnold subjects a legendary American horror movie of 1941 to radical cinematographic surgery. Actors disappear thanks to digital technology, leaving the cinematic space to become the actual leading actor in a precise and absurdly comical new interpretation. Arnold transforms the original movie "The Invisible Ghost", in which a wife hypnotises her husband into a murder plot, into "Deanimated" - a study in the increasing disintegration of actor movies; at its close the camera's eye wanders through sets devoid of human life where the lights literally seem to have gone out.


:: Credits

Concept & Realisation Martin Arnold
Digital Compositing & Modelling George Basil, Harald Hund, Ruth Kaaserer, Matthias Meyer, Roland Seidel, Sofie Thorsen, Philipp Zaufel
Sound Johann Neumeister, Peter Seher, Lisa Rozman
Supported by Filmfonds Wien, Innovative Film Austria, Land NÖ Kultur
Producers Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Production AMOUR FOU Vienna
International Distribution Gallery Martin Janda

:: Exhibitions

Kunsthalle Wien A 2002
FACT Fact Center Liverpool GB 2003 
Oldenburg D 2003
Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum A 2004

Cinematexas USA 2005