The False Grave

Feature Film / Austria / 90 min

:: Synopsis

Agata, a Mexican 12 years old girl, lives with her foster parents in Vienna. She lives a typical middle-class Austrian life. She remembers nothing but flashes of the place she was born, Culiacan, in the north of Mexico, and she doesn’t know the reason why her biological parents disappeared and gave her for adoption. In order to cope with her feelings, she decides to buy a diary, in which she’s incapable of writing any emotion until she’s taken by her uncle to Vienna’s MariaHilferstrasse church, where colors such as green, blue, white and red draw her attention. Through her diary, the pictures she takes of colored details that remind her of “home” and facing her foster parents regarding her role at home, Agata finds her own way to understand her past and a city like Vienna, finding peculiar places to understand her own identity.

:: Credits

Script Oscar Sanchez & Elisa Puerto Aubel
Producers Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Bady Minck
Production AMOUR FOU Vienna