Bojo Beach

Short / Austria / 25 min / color

World Premiere Viennale 2017

:: Synopsis

BOJO BEACH is on a picturesque lagoon on the Ghanaian coast. Among parasols and a few lingering tourists, twenty men pull at a rope that leads into the water. They are fishermen and retrieving a dragnet. Seen from a respectful distance and accompanied by the sounds of the waves, BOJO BEACH shows a working group reduced to the essence of their existence.

:: Credits

Conzept Elke Groen, Ina Ivancenau
Directed by Elke Groen
Camera Elke Groen
Sound Ina Ivanceanu
Editor Emily Artmann
Production, AMOUR FOU Vienna

:: Festivals

Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival, November 2017

Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, March 2018

Crossing Europe Film Festival, April 2018