Alter Ego

Short film / Luxembourg / France / 2010 / 15 min


:: Stills

:: Synopsis

In one of those suburbs where everything is built to predict safty, the silhouette of a woman wanders around with clicking  heels. At the same time a young 
man is about to experience a strange night, half way between fantasy and reality. Two sexual intercourses take place, first as masturbation, then with someone else, another one... possibly an alter ego, his alter ego conjured up to put an end to loneliness... even if it leads to death.

:: Credits

Written & directed by Jérôme Nunes
Camera Jeff Kieffer
Sound Jean-Michel Tresallet
Editing Pia Dumont
Music Jean-Marc Montera
Line Producer Jean-Laurent Csinidis
With Geoffrey Coppini, Laure Quenin
Producers Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Marie Tappero, Patrick Gratian
Production AMOUR FOU Luxembourg, Compagnie d'Avril France, Green House France
Supported by French Ministry of Youth, Dispositif "Envie d'Agir" - Défi Jeunes
World Sales Agence du court-métrage, Paris