Krieg & Erinnerung

Ein Film von Bady Minck & Loretta Walz



Witnesses of the second world war share with us their personal experiences during war time in Luxembourg. They talk about their everyday lives, show us their hiding places during German occupation, tell us about the resistance and the forced recruitments in the German army and the detentions in the concentration camps. This documentary confronts the past with the present and is looking for a national remembrance culture. 75 years after the rise of
Luxembourg, that has been partly destroyed in the second world war, street signs, commemorative plates, ruins and memorials are still displayed in remembrance of this time. But what kind of meaning do they have for Luxembourg in our time?.

Directed by

Bady Minck, Loretta Walz

Written by

Loretta Walz

Project Manager

Elisa Hengen

Development supported by

Film Fund Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, Oeuvre Nationale Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Fonares


Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu


AMOUR FOU Luxembourg, Loretta Walz Produktion